From Concept to Reality – 2018 SV650X


At the 2017 EICMA motorcycle show held in Milan, Suzuki Motor Corporation unveiled a retro themed caf racer version of its popular SV650 dubbed the SV650X.  

Incorporating a number of enhancements over the standard SV650 ABS the X variant includes a host of changes that exudes classic caf racer styling.

The round multi-reflector headlight is equipped with a stylish headlight cowling. Slots in the headlight sides are reminiscent of heritage racers, accentuating the SV650Xs personality.

Clip-on Handlebars encourage a sporty riding position, and hark back to the days of the original caf racers.

The fuel tanks emblem has been changed from the signature S mark to the SUZUKI logo. The design has a definite retro look. Additionally, the tank capacity has been increased from 13.8L to 14.5L. Combined with the SV650Xs excellent fuel efficiency, this substantially extends the riding range.

The narrow and streamlined tuck roll seat oozes retro style and feel. Soft cushioning helps reduce rider fatigue, even when in sporty riding positions.

The 645cc 90 DOHC liquid-cooled V-twin engine has been designed to deliver strong torque in the low-to-mid rpm range and better fuel economy whilst still running smoothly in high rpm making this engine extremely versatile for a wide range of riding conditions.

The V-twin engine produces a maximum output of 56.0kW at 8,500rpm and 64Nm of torque at 8,100rpm. Maximum output of the Learner-Approved version will be restricted to 35kW at 8,500rpm and 56.5Nm of torque at 4,000rpm to meet the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) requirements

The smooth-revving V-Twin engine is tucked into a slim and lightweight trellis frame, the SV650X combines power and agility with classic caf racer looks. Whether in stop and-go city traffic or on country roads, this bike delivers exhilaration and riding fun.

Large 290mm dual front disc brakes with ABS and 240mm rear brake disc provide incredible stopping performance and control. Compact and lightweight, the SV650X introduces state-of-the-art ABS technology manufactured by Nissin, thus making it possible to further reduce vehicle weight without sacrificing performance.

The new SV650X is also packed full of the latest Suzuki technology. Such as the innovative Low RPM Assist function which raises engine rpm in launching or low rpm riding conditions via the ECM activating the ISC system. The Low RPM Assist system helps the rider achieve a smoother take-off and makes low speed riding such as through city traffic or stop-start scenarios much easier.

The Suzuki Easy Start System engages the starter motor at a precisely timed preset interval to start the motorcycle with just a push of a button. ECM checks the status and disengages the starter motor immediately after starting.

The Suzuki SV650X is expected to arrive in Australia during the second quarter of 2018 in both full-powered and learner-approved versions. Final specifications and pricing will be confirmed closer to launch.