2017 GSX-R1000 ABS $19,990 Ride Away with bonus bi-directional quickshifter


For a limited time sportsbike customers can ride away on the championship-winning Suzuki GSX-R1000 ABS for a special promotional price of $19,990 Ride Away including a bonus Genuine Suzuki Bi-Directional Quickshifter.

Totally redesigned from the ground up, the sixth generation GSX-R1000 ABS redefines the definition of Superbike and embodies the work and professional ambition of Suzuki engineers who are extremely passionate about the GSX-R brand and its place in motorcycle history. Put simply, it is the most powerful, hardest accelerating, sharpest handling GSX-R ever built.

The bonus racing-type bi-directional quickshifter is the same system as featured on the GSX-R1000R is now available as standard on the GSX-R1000 ABS as part of the current Special Ride Away promotion. 

The quickshifter allows the rider to upshift and downshift without using the clutch or the throttle. The quick shift system allows the rider to upshift smoothly and quickly at full throttle, without closing the throttle. For quicker and smoother downshifts without manually blipping the throttle twist grip or using the clutch, the system automatically opens the throttle valves just enough to increase rpm and match engine speed to the next-lower gear ratio.

At the heart of the new GSX-R is the all-new inline, four-cylinder powerplant which produces a staggering 148.6kW (202ps) @13,200rpm with 117.6Nm of torque @10,800rpm. The design target was simple "Increase top end power without sacrificing low and mid-range output" to achieve this Suzuki engineers had to employ advanced MotoGP derived technologies known as the Broad Power System. 

An advanced electronic management system incorporates feedback from the Continental Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which tracks the motion and position of the motorcycle in 6-directions, along 3-axis, Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Monitoring these motorcycle motions in real time allows traction, braking and cornering control to be more precise and effective. The GSX-R1000s IMU-based systems are a product of advanced engineering, developed in MotoGP competition.

Suzukis advanced Motion Track TCS (Traction Control System) allows the rider to select 10 different levels of traction control intervention, depending upon road or racetrack conditions as well as personal preference and experience level.

Showa BPF (Big Piston Front) forks out-perform the suspension fitted to the standard models sold by competitors. The BPF forks feature adjustable compression and rebound damping and spring preload. The Showa rear shock works with a progressive linkage and features adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping along with rebound damping, spring preload and rear ride height.

For further information on the Suzuki GSX-R1000 ABS and the $19,990 Special Ride Away Offer, interested customers should visit their local Suzuki Motorcycle Dealership, who can be found through the Dealer Locator.

*Allow up to 8 weeks for supply of Genuine Suzuki Quickshifter. Cost of fitting the Genuine Suzuki Quickshifter will be covered by the selling dealership Free-Of-Charge. We recommend fitting to be scheduled for during the First Service. Offer only applies to MY17 GSX-R1000 ABS (GSX-R1000AL7) model. Advertised Ride Away price of $19,990 includes 12 months registration costs and dealer pre-delivery charges.